Unity Village, Bucket List, Sally Rose, La Gringa goes globalLast week, on the first anniversary of my son’s death, I took a little trip.

I flew to Kansas City to visit friends. They showed me warm hospitality and took me on a tour of a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, Unity Village.

I haven’t written out a formal bucket list, but if I had done it, “Visit Unity Village” would have been on it. Their gardens, labyrinth, and nature trails offer tranquility. Their five chapels offer peace. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be on that day.

The following day, I hopped into my rental car and headed for Des Moines, Iowa. I had never been to Iowa before, so I can cross “Visit Iowa” off the list, too. There, I visited with a friend and former coworker who now lives in the Midwest.

We had a fun girl’s weekend, trolling around thrift shops, visiting the art museum, and watching the Kentucky Derby. We even discovered chocolate-covered bacon at Chocolate Storybook in West Des Moines. My friend didn’t care for it, but how could I not like it when they’d combined two of my favorites?

On Saturday night, her younger (sweet, kind, generous) son and his new bride took us both out for a Mother’s Day dinner at Waterfront Seafood Market. Recommend!

Sally Rose, La Gringa goes global, Bucket ListMy friend and I gabbed a lot. She’s like the (slightly) older sister I’ve never had. We reminisced, laughed…and cried.

When I told her about visiting Unity Village for the first time, she asked if I had a bucket list. She told me about watching that movie, The Bucket List, where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman meet in the hospital, both dying of cancer. Instead of just waiting for the inevitable, Morgan Freeman starts writing a bucket list. Jack jumps in to add his wishes, and off they go on a great adventure.

Some of their desires were for tangible, specific things. “See the Taj Mahal; Jump out of an airplane,” etc., but others involved helping people or being connected to someone.

This made me think about actually writing a list. Lots of mine would include travel. I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba. And see the Northern Lights. I want to publish another book or two, and I think I’d like to visit all 50 states.

Visiting Iowa, I’m one state closer to that goal. On the way back from Des Moines to the Kansas City airport, I stopped off in Madison County, Iowa, where I saw three of the five remaining covered bridges, the Iowa Quilt Museum, and the John Wayne Birthplace Museum. The Madison County was an unexpected bonus.

My bucket list will be a work in progress. I’m going to use a long sheet of paper and write it in pencil, so that I can change it if I want to.

Have you written a bucket list?

~~Sally Rose
Author of Amazon Nº. 1 Best Seller Penny Possible
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