Arrival, Sally Rose, La Gringa goes global Many, many years ago, long before I got married or Phillip was born, I made an advent calendar.

It was made of felt, in the shape of Santa Claus. On his big, triangle-shaped belly were 24 little pockets. Each one held a felt Christmas ornament, which I also made. There were bells, balls, angels, snowmen, etc. All had sequins, beads, and trimmings.

The idea was to take one out each day and hang it on the Christmas tree. My Advent Santa was a decoration himself. He hung on the wall, and I pulled out the ornaments, one a day, during December.

The calendar tradition, marking the days leading up to Christmas, began among German Lutherans in the mid-19th century. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin “adventus,” which means “arrival.” I like to think that this season heralds the “arrival” of goodness and generosity, of acceptance and altruism.

There are many Advent calendar suggestions floating around this week. I saw one that was a cheese calendar. Inside the tiny doors, each slot held a piece of cheese instead of the traditional chocolate. Since I like both, I could go either way with that, but crackers and some nice Cabernet might have to be included if it’s the cheese calendar.

I noticed a new idea this year. Within a couple of days, I’d seen several “Kindness Calendars” floating around the internet. I liked the idea so much that I randomly saved one of them. This photo is from a blog called “”

Some ideas I might add are:
1. Organize a chorus and do caroling at the senior center.
2. Smile at everyone, especially someone who is of a different ethnicity or faith.
3. Bake bread and double the recipe. Give the extra loaf away.

I plan to do some of these things, especially if they involve food or hugging.

What would your ideas be?

~~Sally Rose
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