El Quisco sunset, Chile, Sally Rose, La Gringa Goes GlobalJust like life’s landscapes, things are constantly changing.

Though my intention, when I moved to Chile, was to stay forever and ever, I find that every year, I’m traveling more and more. At this point, I’m away from Chile more than I’m here, so I’ve made the decision not to renew the lease on my Santiago apartment. To maintain an apartment here year-round no longer makes sense.

This means that, literally, everything in the apartment has to go. If I can’t take it on a plane or easily ship it back to the US, it’s outta here. The four categories of “go” are: sold, given away, donated, and thrown out. I’ve done this twice before, and by now, I know that I’ll get to a point where I won’t care which category any particular item fits into.

I’m not going to kid myself. I’ll ship a few boxes back to the US, where I’ll throw them into the storage unit, the one that I’ve had since I moved to New York in 2005. Then, all that stuff that I thought was so important that I couldn’t get rid of it…I’ll probably never look at again. At least not for a long time. One day, I’ll have a reckoning with that storage unit, but not today. Probably not this year.

My plan is to have a giant “garage sale” next Saturday, April 30. I’m not sure how I’ll accomplish this since most of the furniture is already sold and gone. There’s nowhere to put anything, except on the floor. I had no idea that most of my furniture would be gone within the first week that I advertised it. Bought, paid for, and picked up. I was stunned that it happened so fast. It was as if the Universe were saying to me, “Yes, it’s time to go.”

In Santiago? Need something for your apartment? Come by next Saturday because I probably have it. There are lots of treasures left–dishes, TV, kitchenware, towels, sheets, photo frames, and heaven only knows what else.

Don’t know where I live? Message me for directions.

It only scares me a little that I don’t know where I’m going now, but I’ll sort that as I go along, dragging my suitcase behind me.

~~Sally Rose
Author of Amazon Nº. 1 Best Seller Penny Possible & A Million Sticky Kisses

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