ArmadilloIt was fun to meet up with my friends from Chile and to scamper about the Scottish Highlands with them, but being up early and on the go every day was exhausting, so I’ve been taking it easy here in Glasgow at Pillow 7, a comfortable little 17-room hotel in the West End, the Argyll.

They offer single rooms with en suite bathrooms at reasonable prices. They also include a full, hot breakfast, cooked to order. The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. Andrew, at the front desk, speaks in a brogue so thick that I sometimes have a hard time understanding him, but I already like him because he wants a copy of A Million Sticky Kisses.

Only joking. I’ve liked him from the minute I arrived, when he cheerfully toted my 50 lb. suitcase up two flights of stairs. That’s Nº. 1 on the list of 6 Ways A Woman’s Life Is Changed Forever When She Travels Alone. “She’ll meet amazing and wonderful people,” says the article. True.

Also true is Nº. 2. “She’ll discover new and delicious foods.” I’ve eaten Clootie Dumpling, which seems to be a tastier, moister version of fruitcake, and yesterday, I tried haggis. This one came without the sheep’s gut casing. I don’t know if that’s customary or not, but I had some of the stuffing and it was a deliciously spiced meat mixture. I don’t want to think too hard about what it might have been mixed with. I’ll just stop by saying that I liked it.

The other maxim from this list that really rings true for me is Nº. 3, “She’ll come to prioritize experiences over possessions.” I realized this awhile ago. Ever since I did a huge downsize when I moved to New York and then gave up almost everything when I moved to Chile, I’ve been letting go of “stuff” and I don’t miss it at all.

For example, I’m tickled with my minimalist 13-Item Wardrobe. I’m on Day 26 and it’s getting more and more challenging to come up with combinations that I haven’t used before, but that’s the fun, isn’t it? I’m sure there will be some repeats soon, but for now, each day’s a new day. If you’re interested in seeing my 13-Item Wardrobe, Glasgow, The Scottish Highlands, or Oban, I invite you to visit my Pinterest page.

On Friday, I will be off to Pillow 8, which promises to be unlike anything else I’ve done on this trip, yet it will be an experience not completely foreign to me. Sounds like “a riddle wrapped in the mystery…” Oh, never mind.

See you there.

~~Sally Rose
Author of Amazon Nº. 1 Best Seller Penny Possible & A Million Sticky Kisses

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