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20 Ways to Entertain Yourself that Don’t Require Screen Time

With the upcoming ban on using laptops and tablets on flights to the US from 56 routes, I’ve heard many laments and questions about how to pass the time on long flights.

In a online group, I saw the question posed, “What do I do with my 4-year old on our 12-hour flight?”

Keeping young children busy on a long flight is a real challenge for parents. Back in the Dark Ages, pre-computer days, when I used to fly with Phillip, I always went shopping ahead of time. In the carry-on, I packed his favorite snacks, books both familiar and new, and a special grab bag of never-before-seen (or played with) items that I’d bought especially for the trip. Little items picked up at the dollar store could entertain my hyperactive child for a long time.

Ployglot or Bon Vivant

I watched a video about twins from England who are polyglots. Each one speaks more than six languages fluently. And here, I’ve been patting myself on the back just for wading through Spanish.

The video shows one of the twins demonstrating his extraordinary skills. I noticed that he cycled from Hebrew to French to Catalan to Spanish to Portuguese. Listening hard, I tried to understand him in languages other than English or Spanish and heard many similarities in the romance languages. I’ve been thinking about trying to learn a third language, though I’m not sure which it would be. Where would I most like to visit next? That would be the biggest motivator for me because I plan to keep traveling.

In a travel article I recently read, the author listed eight reasons that travel can make you healthier. Among them were pleasure, sense of purpose, and challenge to keep the mind sharp. Also, smiling for all those selfies. Apparently, just the act of smiling sends the “happy” message to your brain. It’s hard to feel down when you’re smiling.

Between practicing for my selfies and tickling my brain with new information, I may live to be 112. Wonder how many languages I could learn by then.

~~Sally Rose
Author of Penny Possible & A Million Sticky Kisses