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The Best Problem in the World

I have the best problem in the world. What’s good about it? I have many, many friends.

So what’s the problem? They’re scattered to the four winds.

Last week, I read an article about how difficult it is to say goodbye to friends. The article was referring to the life of an expat who was preparing for a move to a new location. The author was concerned about “losing friends” in the move.

Santiago Street Art

Today, I took an Urban Art tour. We met at Metro Bellas Artes to begin with the murals painted by Chilean artist INTI.

From there, we walked down Santo Domingo, into Barrio Esmeralda, along the Mapocho River, and across into Bellavista. Our guide, Paola, was very well-versed because her boyfriend is a Chilean grafitero, a street artist. She explained the history of the art, the methods used to paint the murals, and the codes of conduct among the artists. We learned a bit about Chilean history and the back stories of the art, as well. See more photos of Santiago murals here.

Urban Art Tours is still in trial stages. Once it’s up and running, I would highly recommend it if you enjoy viewing and photographing street art.