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The Courage Litter

Almost five years ago, a video randomly showed up on my Facebook page. In it was a litter of newborn puppies from a nonprofit called Warrior Canine Connection. There were six of them, and they were called “Holly’s Half Dozen.”

I got hooked, watching those little Golden Retriever fluff balls. I watched the day that their names were chosen: Lucy, Grace, Ruby, Abby, Levi, and Penny. The WCC staff pulled the names out of bowl, from names suggested by their fans, the “Extreme Puppy Watchers.”

Poquito de todo

It’s not all just about teaching, though. Would you take a look at this exquisite coastline?

Chileans joke that when God finished making all the other parts of the earth, he took what was left over and made Chile. Driest desert in the world, the majestic Andes, surf-worthy beaches, awe-inspiring forests, imposing glaciers, Chile has it all.

The WorldPost thinks so, too. Their “Through Your Lens” article’s featured country this week is Chile, showcasing photos from social media users. They call Chile an “under-rated travel destination.”

I’d have to agree. Chile is a photographer’s dream. What are you waiting for?

~~Sally Rose
Author of Penny Possible & A Million Sticky Kisses