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The Courage Litter

Almost five years ago, a video randomly showed up on my Facebook page. In it was a litter of newborn puppies from a nonprofit called Warrior Canine Connection. There were six of them, and they were called “Holly’s Half Dozen.”

I got hooked, watching those little Golden Retriever fluff balls. I watched the day that their names were chosen: Lucy, Grace, Ruby, Abby, Levi, and Penny. The WCC staff pulled the names out of bowl, from names suggested by their fans, the “Extreme Puppy Watchers.”

Year of the Book

“A beautiful sight. We’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland.” Love that song.

The reality, not so much, but it’s the price I’m paying for staying in New York through January.

I’m working on another book. For me, it’s back to the scene of the crime. I started this damn book…ahem, this work of art…eleven years ago when I was living here. It was my first book baby and I was overly protective of it.

Photos (and Faith) Restored

pedro-de-valdiviaA week ago, my laptop drowned when I accidentally spilled a glass of water and it splashed across the keyboard.

At first, only the space bar showed signs of being affected, but by the following day, the entire keyboard was dead. The laptop wouldn’t even turn on, so off to Apple I went.

That store is always a zoo. People playing with the products, people lined up to sign in for an appointment. Even to buy something, I had to sign in. I dutifully put my name on the list and went to wait near the sample laptops.

Once Upon An Expat

51ZodWotfBL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_In December of 2013, I was invited to attend the high school graduation of my “Chilean daughter,” Fran. The event was story-worthy, but I had never written it up.

When Lisa Webb, Canadian Expat Mom, put out a call for submissions to an anthology of expat stories, I knew that I had to write about “What Mattered Most” and submit it. A couple of weeks later, when I received her email, telling me that my story was selected to be in the anthology, Once Upon An Expat, I was thrilled.

Once Upon An Expat, conceived and edited by Lisa, is a collaboration of 39 expat authors, from various countries, who are scattered all across the globe. Adventure stories, funny stories, sad stories, heartwarming stories, written by women who have stepped out of their comfort zone and onto the soil of foreign lands.